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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  May 10, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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thank you, everybody. bye. >> bob i'm greg gutfeld, captain of the new team. andy levy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> just take a pebble and cast it to the sea. president obama finally admits he personally favors gay marriage. the gut see call that took years to make. plus, a federal prisoner receives 40% of west virginia's democratic presidential primary vote. the nutsy call you have to love. and finally what happens when bill schulz tries to eat a whole cow? hopeful leahy contracts a neuro degenerative disease that is in the brain and spinal cord. >> thank you, andy. >> that's mad cow disease. >> that was unnecessary. and it gives me a deja vu.
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>> what do you mean? >> didn't we do this on monday night's show? >> yes, but we ended up not running the package that night. >> still it seems lame. >> you seem lame. >> well, one leg is shorter than the other, andy. >> i didn't know that. >> well it is because are you a heartless jerk. >> i didn't think either of your legs could be shorter. >> i agree to disagree. >> get out of here. let's start this show. she is so hot she can steam clams by staring at them. i am here with leeann tweeden from "poker after dark." it is a card game. and vanity fair's digital editor. and his hepititis dumped him for courtney love. it is bill schulz. and he leaves audiences gasping for air because he suffocates them with a pillow. he is tom shlou. and he is the troll with the liberal soul. good to see you, pinch. >> intelligence officials tell
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reporters that recruiting a double agent like the one that foiled the underwear bombing plot is extremely difficult. it is? i have been spying on news corp and appearing on the late night fox tv show foregoing on five years now. so far it is as will toes. all staff members report to him as, quote, care bear. megan kelly bench presses 250 pounds and john gibson gets monthly body waxes at planet harry. >> thank you, sir. >> you are welcome. >> well, problem solved. president obama has endorsed the same sex marriages becoming the first president to take that stance. in an interview with abc news, an actual network, the president who was previously opposed explains that he has gone through an evolution. roll tape, roll tapers. >> i was sensitive to the fact that for a lot of people the word "marriage"" is something
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that provokes traditions and religious beliefs and so forth. at some point i concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and uh official that i think same sex -- uh official that same sex couples should get married. >> yes for him personally. the senior white house officials say the president was always planning on coming out before the election, but that vice president's comments sped it up. how are cats taking the news? >> he did so much x. that's what you do when you celebrate. cats take a lot of x. what does it mean? he says personally. does this change anything? >> i think it does because i
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don't think we know what it will change for awhile. for gay people it changes a lot. on a personal level it is really significant. >> even though personally he was lying the whole time. you knew he kept saying this for political reasons. >> that is always in my sense. but i always saw us as living in an america where a president couldn't say that 10 months before an election and apparently we live in an america where the president can say that and that is significant. >> the only way you can say that is if joe biden jumped the gun though. >> it is joe biden's america. >> that's amazing. >> was this a huge risk for the president? doesn't he lose the black hispanic and tom shalou vote? >> it wasn't a risk. he has handled it quite well from a political perspective. but he is going to get away with it.
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i think the left forgives people when they lie like this. they say the people on the right are so stupid. you have to lie to get elected. if it is the other side it is, they are intolerant, they are corrupt. but they are going to give them a pass. >> do you think the split between gay marriage and anti-gay marriage is bigotry versus i guess progress? >> interesting you would ask that question. i think the people -- i am going to blame people on the left, and a lot of my friends. i am getting all day you get your facebook posts and twitter and all of this calling people hate and they are bigots and that is just as bad as the people saying adam and steve and it is not adam and eve. >> if i hear adam and steve again i am going to marry a guy. >> i don't think you can equate those two things. >> i equate them. i am equating them on "red
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eye." i think for a significant portion of people there is a bigot-based part. it i am not saying all people. >> i don't think it is bigotry on purpose. people have these religious beliefs. they believe them because they were brought up like that in the church. 80% of americans are classified as christians, and i think they believe that. whether or not that's my belief or anybody else's belief, but i don't think it is bigotry. it is a man and a woman and that's how they pro cree yait. it is not bigotry. >> it is biological or religious? >> i think it is religious. me personally, i don't care if two guys get married. i don't like the government getting involved in my personal issues. it is not going to affect me personally. if two guys want to get married and two girls want to get married and have the benefits, why to the? it doesn't bother me. >> when they say it affects the caping tau tee of marriage, they should say does it affect the sank tau tee of your marriage?
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>> look at the divorce rates. people get married and then divorce thed next year. >> this is why obama talks about it. he says personally and he has evolved. people should talk about evolving. here the thing, people push back because they say, wait a minute. my parents were involved in a bigoted union? my grandparents were involved in a bigoted union. if you are saying these people who want to keep marriage between a man and woman are bigots you say where were you 15 years ago? >> they were scared perhaps. >> you are telling people that their ancestors were -- this is the way marriage was for so long. when they call it bigotry, instead of saying we should evolve -- >> wait a second. 40 years ago black and white people couldn't get married. >> do you want to fight on that issue? >> it is not equal to the civil rights struggle.
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>> i didn't say that it was equal -- >> you just did. >> you guys keep going. >> i was talking about a marriage evolving, not the civil right acts. 40 years ago black men could not marry white women in many states. in 40 years all men and women will be able to marry. >> if my parents had a store and wouldn't allow black people to sit at the counter they were bigots then. when they married between a man and a woman they were not bigots then. that's the difference. >> that is a great argument. >> that's a correlation. >> i am not sure it is a great argument. >> there was no such thing as gay marriage. it was not on the table. your parents getting married heterosexually had nothing to do with gay people in anyway. only recently -- >> that's why i say evolving is a better term to use. that's why obama is smart about it. >> to me personally the whole issue is -- i don't like politicians lying. we all knew he was lying.
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we all probably knew he took that stance even though from the late 1990s he was flip-flopping back and forth until today. i am okay with him changing his mind. if he believes that, good for him. people can change and evolve and have a different stance. i don't like to feel i was deceived and he was lying to the public. i feel it is political. i feel like he came out because biden pushed him when he came out and said that of the i feel like he doesn't think i know he is flip-flopping, and that he is doing it politically? that bugs me. >> the one thing i will go -- i think there is a sense of resistance on the part of the idea of evolving versus a court deciding. >> and president obama coming out and saying that doesn't change anything. it is a state by state thing. the people of north carolina voted the people to not want to -- they say the marriage is between a man and woman. whether we agree with that i don't know. i don't live in north carolina so i didn't vote on that. but president obama just coming out and saying it is him saying it and trying to get that vote.
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he can't go out and -- i mean he could mandate it, but that wouldn't go over. he is safely saying this is what i believe in. even though he can't do anything about it. >> it truly was a mandate. here it is. i call this the grand parent theorum. gay marriage is like living together when i was growing up in the 1970s when a relative say a sister moved in with her boyfriend. you didn't tell the grandparents. it was like oh, just make sure you are over here for christmas, and you never mentioned they were living together. i think gay marriage is that thing now where it is part of america -- just don't bring it up to them. sooner or later they will get over it. but obama thought he could just get -- -- >> those people vote. >> i have been hearing all day the lying word. perhaps that's true. in 1994 when romney was going
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against ted cain gnaw de he said, and i -- ted kennedy he said and i quote, we will seek to establish full equality for america's gay and lesbian citizens and i will provide more effective leadership than any opponent. now so many years later he is going on the defensive marriage act which effectively changes the constitution to put an amendment in there saying men cannot marry other men. >> all politicians politicians are political. >> was he lying or evolving on that issue? >> you have to use the same material. obama is going to have trouble trouble -- you know, maybe he won't. maybe he will be able to call romney a flip-flopper and keep using evolving on his side. all of these guys are evolving. >> i just don't want devolving. >> and i want to make clear, my parents didn't have a store where they wouldn't allow black people. >> think about romney's position now which is i
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support domestic partnerships. i support -- it is confusing and not a good pes sedge. message. it is a clear message. he eliminated the nuance from it. >> the other untold story on it is all of the gay couples this weekend that are going to break up because the topic of marriage came up. >> were you like, hey, let's get married. >> let's take it slow. >> everybody is going, yes it's great. but let's not talk about it. >> we are still going to the hamptons. >> we are having an awkward dinner. from rice to fice, will a trail of tears hurt her career? she proclaimed minority status in a directory of law professors. what a boring directory. she said it was because she was native american, but then
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a campaign releasedded a document saying she was one-32nd cherokee. i know hamsters that are one-32nd cherokee. they say her great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather helped round up cherokees as part of the infamous trail of tears. bright said jonathon crawford was part of a militia responsible for relocating cherokees from their home. to her credit she called it politics as usual and blamed scott brown even though he had thouing to do with it. speaking of trying to be someone you are not. >> in the backyard we found a unicorn. >> i have been there before wearing a little pink outfit and i felt just as bad. leeann, warren will deny this, but i believe she is lying. she made a living off this. this was in a directory and
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harvard proclaimed her minority status. shouldn't she drop out? >> well, i am not so sure it calls for that. but i think when you are running for office with people in the public, you should be truthful. like obama it bugs me when i saw a press conference with an interviewer asking her questions. she is like, well, you know, it was a longtime ago. i thought i was going to meet some people because i checked the box. i didn't really meet and talk to new people. >> she did not deny it. that was the hard thing. she obviously used it to her advantage. the oppressed is now the oppressor. but there is something satisfying about this story. diversity is being used so often for the career advantage, and to see somebody
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get caught out on it. >> i think the trail of tears was -- >> don't make a joke. it was a tragic event. >> i thought it was when the people littered on the side of the highway. >> that was the commercial for sampson. >> that was the only time i saw inned yeps crying when you littered. >> he was actually an italian. >> i used to watch f troop and when you look back at the reruns it is an italian guy. >> way to take this topic seriously. >> now tell us about tonto. >> you know what indians were against? gay marriage. they didn't have gay marriage in the indian species. >> have you no evidence. >> there is no way that is true. they wore assless chaps. >> n can we try to draw this back? >> come on, greg. >> should native americans be outraged about this?
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she is making a mom reof their heritage by -- a mockery of their her taj. >> what if i claimed indian status? it would be clear. >> even back then when she was going college and applying, isn't even today a woman still minority? why did she have to check the american indian box too? >> it was cool to do and you are right. check boxing is -- i like check boxing. >> i like gay porn myself. >> what do you make of this whole thing? >> if you look back there is a story of the great, great, grandmother who checked off she was cherokee on her wedding certificate, but later registered as white. if your husband was around gathering up for the trail of tears, don't you think you would start calling yourself white? that's where the confusion came up. >> bill, my theory is as i mentioned before on qpt the five" this to me is like a gay
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republican coming out against gay marriage and then being outed. it is a sense that she came -- she used diversity to get ahead and it turns out she is not parts of the club. >> she hasn't -- >> and getting back to ton toe toe -- tonto because i always do. they typed her name with he claimed that he is one- one-80th cherokee. lately he has been in interviews backing away from it. he says, do to him what you did to warren. i don't really care about massachusetts, but i'm all in when it comes to lone ranger. >> i just want her to come clean and apologize and move on. >> she president cay. >> she needs to apologize and
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then everyone can move on. if she does president it will continue. >> now it is embarrassing and i think she had the lead against scott brown and now has given it up because of this silliness. she has to say -- she can't deny it didn't help her career. >> i don't understand why you say my grandmother who passed away, she told me that i was one-16 cherokee and i wanted to get into the best school i could. >> i'm sorry. move on. >> i got into berkeley by saying i was 1-32nd smurf. >> we know it is like 50%. >> there is only part of me that is blue. only when it is swollen. is cannibal itch -- cannibalism that bad? he discuss itself in a new book "i ate my parents" and does obama have to worry about this guy? no? we don't have to do that story now. great.
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seen here he had 40% of the vote in the democratic presidential primary. despite currently serving time in prison for extortion fnlt he is extorting my love. says one of the supporters i voted against obama and i don't like him. i am not going let him carry it again. as for the qualifications of the 40% man, judd is a 53-year-old mullet enthusiast who celebrates a birthday later this month. happy birthday. he is a practicing rastafarian christian who isn't. a former member of the federation super hero. he cited richard nixon as his favorite president. he answered with a political
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deaf "i forgot" which i believe is a sushi. for more let's go to the committee head for reaction. >> great analysis as usual. should obama be worried about keith 1234*. >> he looks formidable. i think they have to worry about it because they are not voting for him. that's going to be part of what is happening in november when people go to the polls if people are voting for a guy like that and they don't know his name. he is against obama. that's obviously an issue. he is not connecting with his supporters. >> he got like 70,000 votes. >> it is a vote against obama. >> which is why they have to
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present more options. >> i only vote for americans. there are all sorts of levels. >> the one thing you know about keith is he was not born in kenya. i'm sure we can get uh hold of his birth certificate among other certificates probably one that involves automotive repair which is a fine trade. you should look into it. tom, what does this tell you about obama? and what does this tell you about keith? jay -- >> well, not much. was he wearing a davie crockett hat? >> i am a big fan of his sister, ashley. >> that is his sister. >> i don't know the judge lineage, but i assume -- it is a mom thing. >> the moo interesting thing about this story is he had to come up with $2500 to get on the ballot. i think that's kind of high.
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>> he has been there for years. >> he has done it every year. >> he has been doing this for awhile. >> bill, here is the thing. shouldn't he be allowed to attend the convention for any other reason that he is awesome. >> we need to fill the a-block every night. that's an entire week right there. at the very least we should get this guy on. we are asking questions about what this says about judd and what this says about obama. and we haven't asked the most appropriate one. what does it say about west virginia? >> don't call him a red neck. >> he says it is embarrassing for obama and our great state. which begs the question if you are a state does it mean you are great? >> i think it is time we have a president named keith. seriously.
12:26 am
keith is kind of contemporary. >> there is keith par trig and keith parity. >> keith richards. >> have you ever not met an uncool keith? my mechanic's name is keith and he is cool. >> the full name isn't. bill is awesome. we can agree on that. william is mott and i am convinced that i should have run. and -- >> i like that. >> it will happen one of these days. not in my lifetime. >> he breaks the i before e rule. >> and he screws with our vowels. >> and our bowels. i got a little excited there
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for a moment. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. it is red eye at fox and to leave a voicemail 212-462-5050. still to come the half time report from tv's andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by chess, the game played on a checkered board by two players, each with 16 pieces. the object is to capture checkmate, the opponent's king. thanks, chess.
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let's find out if we've got anything wrong so far. we go to tv's andy levy. >> i need my tablecloth back. >> that's a call from three days. >> president obama finally admits he is for gay marriage. you mentioned the senior white house official said he was always planing on coming out before the election, but vice president's comments sped it up. so basically his original plan was to continue to lie between now and then. >> exactly. that's the key. he was going to stay in the closet until it was safe to come out. chris, you said for gay people obama's announcement is significant which i agree with. in his announcement he went out of his way to say he supports gay marriage in states. a, do you think he is honest about that?
12:32 am
and b, is that okay? >> it has to do with a gut feeling. i don't think you are wrapped up in the decision. it is a logic problem. while he had feelings about the gay marriage issue before, he ising a nose stick about that. he 1* agnostic about that. >> along those same lines you can't say you were for the banning of gay marriage, but you live in a state that voted to ban gay marriage. >> and i voted against the prop. i voted for people to have the right for gay marriage. absolutely, california. >> i was so confused by the way they worded that. >> it was confusing. >> i voted -- >> you always vote to have everyone arrested. >> i voted yes because i love props. and then i realize it is something different. >> theater props. >> me and carrot top make that
12:33 am
mistake. >> tom, you don't think being anti-gay marriage is bigotry. would you agree that sometimes it is and often it isn't? >> to say that it always is is what gets me. that's why they will get some push back on it. >> agreed. >> what is it when it is not? >> i think it is honestly whether for religious reasons or other reasons honestly believe that marriage should be between a man and woman, but they are all for civil unions with pretty much marriage not calling it marriage i think. >> was that andy taking the weds out of my hot? my mouth? >> he was using the word vacuum. >> his mouth. >> greg, you said when people talk about the ang tau tee of marriage -- the sank tau tee of marriage they should see if it affects the santaty of their own marriage. i think in hollywood it might. >> that is true. >> you are staying alive with that one.
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>> have i saturday night fever -- i have saturday night fever and it is only wednesday. i am working for the weekend. that was purely "pulp fiction." >> oh look who is talking. >> one and two. >> welcome back carter. >> i just wanted to join in. >> i don't get it of the -- i don't get it. >> later get shorty. >> by the way, uh ready could together washington post one-6th of obama's campaign bundlers are gay. that will make you evolve real quick. >> absolutely. >> is bundler -- what is a bundler? are you sure you know what a bundler is, andy? >> i thought i did. >> i know in the village this guy -- >> greg, greg. >> because nobody cares here are some excerpts from rick santorum's statement. president obama has consistently fought against protecting the institution of marriage from radical social engineering.
12:35 am
the charade is now over. i will make sure the cultural elites dopped undermind -- don't undermind and adjust and prosper society. nobody cares. first of all, greg, you don't know home sisters. don't say things like that. >> i guess you are right. i apologize. >> second of all, you said now two experts say they have connish ifed that warren's great, great, great, great, great grandfather round up cherokees. it is three greats and not six. >> tom i can't believe you made the story about f troop. but then again what do i expect? >> i thought i clarified that. >> my parents tivoed it. >> i promise they weren't white.
12:36 am
>> he was the name of the character who played. >> so it wasn't an italian person? >> he was insulting the italian. >> i think it is wrong to litter. >> i do too. >> johnny depp claims his -- he says his great grandmother is creek or cherokee. he is not sure which. well qualified to play ton toe. >> the interesting thing about johnny depp is he is 100% [bleep]. >> on his mother's side. >> that is classic bill. >> a felon gets 40% of the vote against obama in west virginia. you know the difference between keith judd and president obama? keith judd is serving time. >> the joke doesn't work.
12:37 am
that's an amazing comment for a blog. >> exactly. leeann, you said if people are voting for a guy like this they are not connecting with their supporters. one of the counties that judd won, hillary clinton beat obama there 88 to 8% in 2008. they just don't like him down there. >> i don't think they do. especially in the last three and a half years, they are trying to wipe out the coal industry that keeps them alive. >> and kills them. >> true, but they make that choice. >> do they? >> what would you prefer? >> they neither one is good. >> none of us have the job of ambudsing. >> some people have to provide a service for the country. >> and as a coal miner's daughter i am offended.
12:38 am
>> as long as i continue to draw a breath we will never have a president named keith. >> that is keithist. >> i am not even going to say the name. >> the irony of the bad keith is that al-qaeda loved him. >> true. >> i don't know who you are talking about. >> keith olberman. >> the only keith for me was the keith from the british version of "the office." >> i thought you were a mets fan. the greatest keith was the muss stashed -- the mustached keith. >> never president as long as i'm alive. >> the lead singer of the circle jerks was keith. >> there will be a lot of keiths on twitter. >> keith morris. >> no. >> what about a president scott. that sounds weird.
12:39 am
>> scotty would be okay. >> there is no president greg. >> i think we pretty much beat this into the ground. coming up, what is the upside of watching bill schulz eat an entire cow? >> this is the best thing i have had in my mouth.
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will people stand in line to eat an entire bovine? they seem to think so and they recently unveiled a quote, het to -- head to tale menu. they believe the future is now when it comes to eating the whole cow. so we sent our most prone
12:43 am
reporter over for what i believed would be his last meal. >> thanks, greg. i'm at midtown's e and e grill house where they invited me to eat an entire cow. and i am going to do it from back to front. like a gentleman. screw you! i am here with one of the two e's in e and e, eric. eric, thank you for having us. you have a lovely place. >> thank you, bill. >> and is the second "e" for ecstasy? >> no, it is for eddie. we will start you off with our cheese burger with candy bacon. >> this is a classy fry. it is clearly not an actual french fry. >> finally somebody gets it. >> i think we get each other and i just met you.
12:44 am
>> things are happening to me right now in a pleasure zone. i am in the danger zone. >> and this is the beginning. >> have i to pace myself. >> pace yourself. don't eat the whole thing. >> oh wow. >> this is a dried piece of believe it or not -- >> i am like a cow. >> this is the first time i have ever had cow, but it will not be the last because that is delicious. >> this is a dry aged bris skit, candied bacon and a quail egg on top. >> i did not grow up with bris skeet, but i did grow up with rick cets which is the disease of kings. did ronnie wood order anything or did he have a side order of cigarette and heroin? i feel like a happy girl. >> this is cultured bone butter from the bones. >> i am actually eating the bones when i eat this? >> it is a nice skin
12:45 am
moisturizer too. >> how was this cow killed? >> i was president there. >> i'm assuming lethal injection because i can taste a little in there. it is great, amazing, amazing. if it were any pinker it would be a communist. i am occupying delicious street, and i have no problem with it. let me ask you something. why? >> garnish has a little taste to it. >> have i a daughter named garnish. i haven't seen her in a longtime. i am told she is lovely and just got new hair extensions. she is 14 and i told hershey is old enough to do it. >> this is our brazed tongue with goat cheese on the bottom. >> i tell you something, this is the first time i have had something like this. again, it is not the first time i kissed a cow. just having fun. let's try this. >> this is serious stuff.
12:46 am
>> i told you we are on basic cable, but you already opened it. absolutely. thank you. how do i pronounce that again? >> so you've got the sort of hor-doives and the meal there. you know what else you gots? you got? an easy date. >> don't tell my wife. >> it does president count -- it doesn't count if it is the same sex. >> best man the street ever. >> i think you are taking advantage of this. you are going to restaurants. >> that would be a thousand dollar bill if it wasn't free since we gave them publicity. >> are you keeping keeping in touch with that guy? yes because i have folks coming in next week and i would like a free meal. >> a couple more dates. >> have you ever eaten
12:47 am
anything unusual? >> in china i 80 scorpion -- i ate scorpion. >> really? >> yes, they fry them up. it was good. i had duck hearts. it was like a duck version. we ate the heart and liver. the feet. >> a little crunchy? tough? >> yes. >> what about you, chris? >> i had something called head cheese which is i believe the take the head of an animal and they put it down no a cheese format. what are they called, sweet breads? maybe what we are saying is the same thing. head cheese is better than toe cheese. >> right here it is very soft. >> leeann? >> recently i was fishing off the gulf of mexico south of tampa with craig morgan for his outdoor show, and i had my
12:48 am
first gator bites, fried alligator. i had to try it because it was in front of me and it was good. >> i had alligator once at a hooter's in florida. >> it must be a florida thing. >> did you like it? >> i was on the run at the time. and i was holed up and there was a shootout involved with the police. >> reindeer, i have reindeer. >> i was in finland for a week and i had 16 kinds of reindeer. >> did your grandmother run over one? >> the most often asked question i receive after doing this and eating the whole cow is people from -- in fox news say cheap tess tau cals. i said i don't think you understand what cow is. maybe an utter, but that's not an option. >> wait a minute, i asked you that.
12:49 am
>> i asked him, did you eat the tess staw will cays of the he said, you know greg, weirdly it is not on the menu. >> i still protest it. >> there is not male, you know, bowls on the menu too? >> i guess not. >> it wouldn't be a menu then. it would be a bowl sheep. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. >> do i seat people up or what? >> we have to take a break. more stuff is on the way.
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you know what is fun doing stuff? highly skilled animals performing household chores.
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they just keep scrubbing and scrubbing and the blood stains never come out. it is in their head. leeann, who do you think was better at washing dishes quickly? >> i think it was the cat. although the monkey is using a utensil like using a tool. >> i am not going to tell you if you are right or wrong until the end. chris? >> i think the monkey. >> the monkey did a better job? >> clearly the monkey. >> he is playing and drinking. the monkey is out there scrubbing away. he is doing an honest's day's work. >> i am going to go with cat because you can't spell kitcheny like kitty. that's what my mom used to tell me. >> the winner was the monkey. the monkey did take pride in its work. i think we can agree that that kid didn't give a damn. >> and the monkey had a baby
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on his back or her back. >> he was scrubbing for two. we are going to close things out with a post game wrap up from tv's andy levy. he scrubs for no one. for clips of recent shows fox fox eye.
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back to andy levy with the post game wrap up. >> what is the boot campaign? >> the boot campaign -- you can go to bat you can support our military. they get back to six different charities. it is a patriotic way to show your -- what are you doing to help the military. a lot of times you give donations and you don't have a lot to show for it. i got my boots on and i have boots for all of you. andy, i will give you yours after the show. these are for you, bill and these are for you, greg. >> are these a size four? >> if you go to boot, you can donate and give back and you have
12:59 am
really cool boots to wear and you can support our military. a lot of our wounded vets get them. i only got them for the people on the show. sorry. >> i got free meat and free boots today. >> look at that, bam. >> and they are all from a cow. >> hopefully that is the right size. >> it will be fine. if not i will sell them. >> hey,. >> hey. >> hey. >> hi, guys. chris, do you have something out there interesting at vanity >> only on vanity we launched a story about the international olympic committee and everything they needed to do to land the olympics including tony blair begging an official over a your national -- a urinal in china and thinking tony blair was hitting on him. he should check it out. >> tom, quickly, whatever happened to the pod cast that said he got


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